The garden is a Memorial Garden, a garden of benevolence, a garden of love. It is a gift to our community from the God of Love, Jesus the Christ. The first “seeds” for our garden have come from members of the congregation and a designation from the congregation’s memorial funds. These seeds have brought us to the beginning of a journey that will last for many years. Guided by the Holy Spirit we will plow forth until row upon row of our work is accomplished and our community is better nourished. The Lord invites you all to be part of His work on earth strengthening and feeding His children. The garden is made possible by generous donations from the community, and grants from the Alaska Food Policy Council through the Municipality of Anchorage, the Alaska Women's Giving Circle, generous support by the congregation of Lutheran Church of Hope, and support from the Alaska Synod of the ELCA.

Food from the garden in 2018 was sent to Lutheran Social Services Food Pantry, the Tudor Road Gospel Rescue Mission, and to Bean's Cafe.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Nearly Ready to Go!

Here it is already the middle of May. The sun is warm and bright. Peas are in the ground. Some potatoes are in the ground with more to come. And there is lettuce getting ready to sprout.

Hydrant with Meter
Nathan hooked up the water meter this week. Friday morning I was fortunate enough to get it tested and inspected. Talked with Nathan about the irrigation system and it's starting to come together. Many thanks to Nathan, Sharon, and Rod for their assistance this week it has been wonderful getting so much done.

Box Cover

Getting plants ready this year has been a real chore. The expansion made it impossible for me to grow enough starts to fill the garden. I am putting out a call for some assistance. I will need the following plants: broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage both green and red. When you are out and about see if you can scare up some spaghetti squash. I would really like to try that this year. If you can purchase them and bring them by the church next week that would be great. All help is appreciated. I will be trying to direct seed some cabbage and broccoli this year so there may be two harvests.
East End

I have redesigned the elevated beds this year and they will have covers that can be opened so there will be access to the whole bed. At least that's the plan. I combined many ideas that I have seen on the web over the winter and hope that this will work well when completed. I still have to test the seeder that I purchased over the winter. That test will come very soon.
West End

The soil temperature today was 50° F. That's pretty warm for this early in the season. The air temperature over the garden has been as high as 78° F. The low temps are still in the upper 30s and low 40s so hope there won't be a frost.

Well the water is ready to go, the ground is ready to plant. All we have to do is "git er dun"!

See you in the garden!


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