The garden is a Memorial Garden, a garden of benevolence, a garden of love. It is a gift to our community from the God of Love, Jesus the Christ. The first “seeds” for our garden have come from members of the congregation and a designation from the congregation’s memorial funds. These seeds have brought us to the beginning of a journey that will last for many years. Guided by the Holy Spirit we will plow forth until row upon row of our work is accomplished and our community is better nourished. The Lord invites you all to be part of His work on earth strengthening and feeding His children. The garden is made possible by generous donations from the community, and grants from the Alaska Food Policy Council through the Municipality of Anchorage, the Alaska Women's Giving Circle, generous support by the congregation of Lutheran Church of Hope, and support from the Alaska Synod of the ELCA.

Food from the garden in 2018 was sent to Lutheran Social Services Food Pantry, the Tudor Road Gospel Rescue Mission, and to Bean's Cafe.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

November in the Garden

It’s quite cold outside as most of you know. What could possibly be happening in the garden when it’s nearly 0 F? In truth there a many things happening in the garden. The stumps and roots that were pulled in October are drying out. Those that are left in the ground have begun the process of decay. I wish they would all finish that process this winter but, alas they will not. For the roots and stumps that are drying I am looking at have a fire on the winter solstice to celebrate the days beginning to get longer. (Yes, I know the first few are only seconds. But that’s longer just the same.)

Some people have asked, “Why do we need a 7 foot fence around the garden?. I have a picture here of the reason thanks to Phyllis Rude. The moose love gardens. They contain some of their favorite foods. I don’t object to feeding them after we have gotten everything we can from the garden. But I don’t want them in it before harvest. I have also talked with a bee keeper about putting a hive near the garden to ensure some cross pollination.

So even though the days are very short, the air temperature is very cold, and the ground is frozen there is still activity taking place.

Over the winter I will be looking at what to plant. Will order the necessary equipment and seeds and begin the process well before the snow is gone. A wheel barrow was donated last month as well as some smaller equipment. All is progressing quite well.

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